We are OOMBRA ARCHITECTS. OOMBRA is committed to increasing the quality of life in the communities we work in by providing socially responsible and environmentally conscience designs. We use Architecture as a means to integrate our interests in program and placemaking. Our passion for design continues to evolve with each new project and each new idea, questioning ourselves and reflecting on the past to strengthen our process and evoke new and innovative ideas. It is also our duty to develop a clear understanding of the aspirations for the project and balance those with program requirements, opportunities, and constraints and present those in a simple and clear way. This to support a design that is both compelling and impactful, but also responsive to clients needs and end users. We feel that successful architecture and placemaking is realized when the complexity of the problem is simplified through the design process, resulting in a clear expression of purpose, material, light/shadow and form. This is accomplished by asking the right questions and bringing together like minded individuals in a collaborative environment, using collective strengths and knowledge to achieve common goals. Great architecture can create a sense of community and has the power to enhances the human experience.


If you are interested in collaborating with OOMBRA on your next project, please contact us to find out more about the services we provide. CV's and relevant work experience available upon request.

215.948.2564 | info@oombra.com

EMPLOYMENT: If inquiring about a position with OOMBRA, please email your resume and work samples to info@oombra.com.